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Cupule Stone

America's Stonehenge - Cupule Stone

In this photograph small pieces of round colored paper, the approximate diameter of the drilled holes and cupules, were placed over their respective features to show the layout on the stone. Pink are small drilled holes done with a stone drill. Green are cupules. Yellow is a questionable cupule. The stone is broken into two pieces. Its overall length is 5 feet. Scale is in inches. Arrow points east.America's Stonehenge - Cupule Stone


The cupule stone was uncovered during an excavation in 1969 by NEARA. It is located on the north side of the Sunken Courtyard, and southeast of the Collapsed Walk-in Height Chamber. Several small water washed pebbles were found in the same stratigraphy layer as the cupule stone. (Whittall, 1969c)





America's Stonehenge - Conical Drilled Hole in Cupule Stone

Drill Holes

The cupule stone is actually a combination of drilled holes and cupules. The photo shows one of the cone shaped drill holes. The top diameter of the hole ~ 1/4 inch and it tapers to a narrower point. The depth is ~ 1/4 inch. the holes appear to be drilled with a typical Native American stone drill. A total of nine confirmed drilled holes were found.




America's Stonehenge - Close-up Photo of Cupule


The cupules are small half round depressions in the stone’s surface. They were pecked out and are rough to the touch. They range from 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in depth. 6 confirmed cupules were found and one highly questionable one. The small water worn pebbles found in the same layer may have been placed in the cupules possibly as part of a ceremony or ritual.





America's Stonehenge - Quartz Vein in Cupule Stone

Quartz Vein

The stone is a piece local granite. A quartz vein runs diagonally across the middle of the stone dividing it into two sections. Drilled holes and cupules are found on both sides. The stone was probably chosen because of this important natural feature.

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